Final Bout Bound

Final Bout Bound

No big event is every without the last minute crunch time. Ever. Final Bout is no different. Gary slaved away on his car until the very last moment to get his car onto the transporter in one piece. 

The day of, we all scrambled to get the remaining decals onto both Jay and Gary's cars.


Gary's S13 with the brand new Origin Lab Racing Line aero and splitters definitely has got our heart racing. What an awesome aero kit. It really changes the entire look of the car! We are all definitely stoked on the results.

From Gary's house, we headed over to Chuck's place which is close by to finish the packing process. It was very interesting playing tetris with wheels, tools, EZ Ups, merchandise, clothing and all sorts of random bits we'd need out in Wisconsin. Somehow though, we were able to make it all fit.

The cars all together looked so neat! It was all starting to sink in.

Of course, once we arrived at the load up spot, it started raining. Just one last hurdle in the already grueling process of getting ready for such a big event. 

After a few hiccups, all the cars made it onto Fili's 3-car trailer without having to alter the vehicle ride height, and WITH all the aero attached. Jay's exhaust pipe did get stuck on the trailer not once but TWICE, but all in all it went pretty smooth.

We are looking forward to unloading these bad boys at USAIR and getting our pit all set up. If you guys are attending, please come visit us at the "teal palace"! We'd be stoked to meet with every one! See you all soon at Final Bout 2019!!

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