FB Promo Appearance!

FB Promo Appearance!

Back in March, our cars were cast to be in an online commercial. At the time we didn't know much about what the commercial was for or was going to be about. After some back and forth with the producers and art director, the cars cast were my R32 and Jay's S13. 

We later found out the spot would be for the Facebook platform to promote its new and improved 'Facebook Groups' feature. Facebook was gathering a bunch of different groups of individuals interested in various hobbies to represent group categories. We were amongst those chosen for the "Automotive" categories. 


When we arrived, one of the producers approached us and asked if we had been told we'd have to remove all of the branded stickers... Not exactly something we want to be doing at the last second, but hey, the cars are going to be in a commercial. Can't complain too much. They of course agreed to reimburse the cost to have the stickers re-cut and re-applied. We stayed parked in the lot for a few hours, had lunch and then loaded up for the shoot location. 

The next location was a cool graffiti art wall in Venice, just off the main boardwalk. Since we arrived before the cameras, we decided to use this as little photo opportunity.


Now that we had the cars in the correct spot, it was time to remove all the decals. This kinda sucked because at the time, we had JUST painstakingly liveried Jay's car. It was a bit of a bummer to undo all that work just a few days later. But hey... cars were going to be in a commercial, right?


At this point, we were in a bit of a rush to get the cars de-stickered before the shoot crew arrived to film our part. It's crazy how quickly it happened. They rolled in almost running, flipped the cameras on, yelled "Action", had us do various things like pop Jay's hood, pretend to talk about the engine, greet each other etc. and 5 minutes later, we were wrapped. 

After they were done with us, they moved over to the next set which was a food truck. Just like that, it was over.

 Probably one of the coolest parts of the whole ordeal was getting to drive my car out onto the Venice boardwalk, amongst a sea of people. Something I'll never get to experience again. Once I got to the truck to load up I was stopped by a few people for some conversation which was neat. All sorts of different car people coming to ask questions about the car and telling me all about their builds.

All in all, it was a super cool experience. What's crazy is, Jay and I never saw the actual final product of the shoot. We DID make it into the actual Facebook 'Groups' promo, but it wasn't our cars... it was us! 

A friend also sent us this screen grab from his Facebook feed, so it looks like they did use the cars for something that randomly pops up as you scroll on your feed.

We're glad we got to be a part of this cool project and want to thank GT Channel for helping us get cast for this production! 

Now if anyone is looking to cast some cool "Fast and Furious" cars, let us know! Hah!

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