As we make more and more progress on Chuck's new 1JZ swap, it's finally time to officially retire the old and tired 1JZ. This can't be done however until we transplant a few needed components from our now "donor" engine.

First and most importantly, the oil pan from the 1JZ needed to be swapped with that of the old engine as the S13 crossmember requires a "front sump" oil pan. Easy enough, all we had to do was pull the old pan from the previous engine and swap it to the new engine.

Fast forward 12 hours later and we only had half of that task completed.

At that point, Chuck decided call it a night and take the upper and low pans home to give them a good scrub in the parts wash. We all agreed that was a good idea. It's crazy how much longer things take when you choose to make a video about it, not to mention the distractions from friends stopping by and irrelevant things such as lunch.

The following day, it was time to pull the pan off the new engine and install our freshly cleaned pans and oil pick up. There was only one (minor) problem: the oil pick up strainer had accumulated TONS of rod bearing shavings. Unsure what to do, Richard (B Side Fabrication) stepped in to rescue us with a nice trick: drown the pickup in a tub of pure alcohol and run compressed air into it. 

Eventually, night fell and Jason Kim came to help us (unwillingly) speed things up a bit. We still had to pull the pulleys, cam gears, water pump and timing belt to replace them with all new parts. By then, we were pretty tired and ready to go home.

We got a new water pump, cam seals, front main seal, and timing belt on. The timing belt had us pulling the entire front assembly on twice because we kept forgetting little components.

Have you ever put something back together and ended up with extra hardware?

Once the engine was put together and ready to go, we figured it was only fitting to properly send off the old engine. After all, it had spent the last 10 years in Chuck's S13 subject to abuse lap after lap of the plethora of track events it was entered into.

The finish off the ceremony, it was only fitting to light a candle of our Lord and Savior, Jason "mad scientist" Kim; in his younger days.

Make sure to watch the full video for all of the details!


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