Firing Up Chuck's New 1JZ

Firing Up Chuck's New 1JZ

With Chuck's old and blown 1JZ out of the engine bay, it was time to see if the new engine was going to give us any issues right off the bat. We loaded the old 1J in the back of Chuck's F-150 and showed up at Rival Auto Works at 8am on Sunday morning. Side note: It always sucks waking up early, but damn does it feel good when you're out and about on a brisk morning getting stuff done.

We needed to bring the old engine to Jason because we needed a few pieces from it in order to start the new engine, primarily the engine wiring harness which was complicated to remove. Fortunately, these things are so much easier when not being extracted from a tight and constricted engine compartment. Another piece needed was the old ECU, which Chuck of course... forgot. Luckily Jason has a junkyard of parts in the back and happened to have a spare for us.

After an hour or so and with tons of back sprawled across the floor, it was time to crank over the new 1J. Would it start? Would it have rod knock?

All of the answers are down below in this weeks video!

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