Drifting in the RAIN - Jimmy Up Matsuri 2018

Drifting in the RAIN - Jimmy Up Matsuri 2018

Drifting in the rain. Some hate it, some love it. Sure, it's annoying to get in and out of the car and get wet. Yes, your windows do fog up if you no longer have a heater core with a defroster. Yes, most track-only drift cars don't even have windshield wipers anymore. Not to mention, the dangers of slippery track conditions can make it easy to slide right on into a big concrete wall. But despite all these factors, we love drifting in the rain.

Now, when we talk about how annoying being out track on a rainy day can be, I'm sure this caters mostly to the SoCal crowd, who's weather forecast on any given day is typically 75º without a single cloud in the sky. We're just not used to the weather. But when you look at photos or videos of drift events in Japan, it seems that maybe 70% of events happen in the rain or even in the snow! It should be no surprise why Japanese drifters have more refined driving technique than drifters of the Americas, simply because they get more practice in varying track enviroments under constantly changing track conditions. This is our precise motivation to spend more time driving in the rain.

We are not calling anyone or pointing any fingers as we always respect peoples decision to conserve their cars, but we did notice a lot of drivers packing up as soon as the rain started falling. Now, this could have been for a multitude of different reasons: cars not equipped with wipers or defrosters, lack of fresh tires, electronics not protected from the rain etc. But if anyone happened to pack up just because they didn't feel rain was worth driving in... then we just don't understand.

Our point is, practice makes perfect and if don't feel skilled enough to drift in the rain, maybe it's time to get out there and (slowly) hone your skills at driving with limited traction. The more you do it, the better you'll get, not to mention plenty of techniques you learn in the rain can be applied to drifting in dry track conditions.

We had a blast at Jimmy Up Matsuri and would like to thank Mikey for inviting us to come drive his awesome event. A lot of work went in on his behalf to create a track layout that was fresh for the veterans of The Balcony and also a layout that could accommodate multiple cars with minimal wait times. The vibes were great and we were able to meet some new people and make new friends. After all, this sense of community is what drifting is truly about, and Jimmy Up did a fantastic job at getting great people to come together.

If you'd like to learn more about Jimmy Up, make sure you check out their YouTube channel: http://goo.gl/t1edMt


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