Chuck's Bay Gets a Fresh New Look

Chuck's Bay Gets a Fresh New Look

It's paint time! With no engine in Chuck's car, the perfect opportunity to clean up the ugly multi-colored engine compartment has finally presented itself. We posted a quick poll on our previous video asking what you thought would be the best color to house the new 1JZ. We were overwhelmed with the response! Pink! Purple! Hot pink with teal flake! Green! But which do we choose??

Well, Chuck knew he wanted something clean and simple. Pink was out of the question because A) it may not look great coming out of a spray can B) Pink is already kinda Gary's color with his pink Gram Lights. Ultimately, we ended up with silver. But how could we add a little extra touch? We continued to browse around the paint aisle at the local home improvement and low-and-behold... Rustoleum teal flake in a can was exactly what we were searching for.

Back home, it was time to disassemble and clean the engine compartment. Chuck ended up borrowing a pressure washer from our friend Tyler which made the degreasing process 10010110% easier.

Of course after degreasing, it was time to mask! We didn't have anything super fancy like painter's plastic or anything like that, so we just used the daily spam mail of coupons and Pennysaver ads to mask off what little bit needed masking. 

The color we ended up choosing as the base coat for the engine compartment was silver! Turned out great with just a single coat, and considering the engine bay consists of merely a firewall and a few other pieces of sheet metal, it goes without saying that we only needed a single can.

All in all, the final product looks a million percent better than what we started out with although we'll be the first to admit it was a real challenge to get the teal flake to spray out and apply evenly on such a large surface. In the end, we're still happy with the results and cannot wait to get this new 1JZ situated in its new home!


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